Monday, April 27, 2009


Levi loving the slide!
Josiah loved the park....

Brotherly love! I had the twins all weekend....and it was such a beautiful weekend!!!! Finally! We did some bike riding and hit a couple of the parks! We wanted to play putt putt...but good ole Bedford's Putt putt course has closed down! I enjoy having them so much....I miss them now that they have moved to Kentucky! They will be 5 in June, which is impossible for me to believe! They say the funniest things...we laughed all weekend!


As cute as these little eggs look in the nest....the mama robin is driving me nuts! Every year when I put my ferns out...within a day she has started, I am convinced it is the same robin and she is just doing it to torment me! She poops all over my porch....flies out and scares the daylights out of me when I walk out the door...and I am terrified to take the fern down to water it! If I thought I wasn't been terribly cruel....I am ready to take the nest out and quietly dispose of it!!!! I am not above it! haha Although, I have this fear that she will stalk me and do wicked things! That is all that is holding me back! I HATE BIRDS!