Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This is my beautiful cousin Janelle....she and her husband Philip would have been married 16 years on November 20th. Instead Philip asked her for a divorce 2 weeks ago and is involved with another woman. One of Janelle's good friends to make the story even worse! Philip and Janelle have 2 sons, Jamon 15 and Dason 13. The boys are having such a tough time with all of this. Please remember Janelle and the boys in your daily prayers....just for strength to get through this tough time. Janelle has a huge support network behind her....but no matter what....this is a very tough time for all of them. And with the Holidays upon will no doubt get tougher for all of them. Thank you for your prayers!


A TABLE OF WILD WOMEN! No occasion....just enjoying time together! It has been a tough month for the ladies in my family. Jennifer had her stresses with Josiah and of course Levi's burn, stacked on top of several other stresses in her life. Then Janelle's husband popped the surprise that he wanted a divorce and was in love with another woman! And then our precious Cutler took a tumble down the basement stairs! He spent the night at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis with a skull fraction....but he is fine! So I guess it was just an occasion to be together and know that we are all strong and still breathing no matter what life dishes out!