Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Sweet 16 Macy!

Happy Birthday Macy....Chase and Macy went to their very first middle school dance together....age 12! Now here they are 16, it is just unbelievable.....we have watched them grow up together. They went on their first official date tonight to Texas Road House in Bloomington and Chase gave her a little sweetheart ring for her birthday. They are good kids and we are very proud of the young adults they have become. Who knows what the future holds for them!

Farm Haven

Levi, Matt, Novalee and Josiah getting ready to head into Farm Haven Pumpkin was so cold and windy....we didn't stay long!
Julie with the twins and Novalee!

Here we are at the Halloween superstore buying costumes....I told Levi to act scared....I am not sure he was acting!

The costumes....we had a couple of meltdowns trying to pick a costume....but we finally came home with three!