Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DOG-gone Snow Days!

Hef and I spent our snow day today home all alone! He loved the snow...he likes to eat it! He just seems fascinated by it! I like the snow, like the time off school, but now we are starting to have to add them on to the end of the school year! And with all of February left, we may still have alot of snow to come! But it is still fun to have the day off, I got some more organizing done for my Happiness Project and enjoyed just laying around watching my Soap Opera! I had the yucky stomach flu yesterday, so I needed the day to get back on my feet!

The Happiness Project chapter 1

Ok book bloggers....or those that have your books, read The Getting Started part, and then the First Chapter January- Boost Energy!
For those of you that don't have your books yet let me tell you a little about Chapter 1 and you can get started on your project before the book arrives! Here are 5 things that Gretchen suggests to boost your energy...

~Go to sleep Earlier
~Exercise Better
~Toss, Restore, Organize
~Tackle a Nagging Task
~Act more Energetic

Right off, I can tell you that exercise more will be the tough one for me! Expecially in the winter! In the summer I enjoy walking and walk almost 3 miles everyday, but when it is cold, I do very little! I have been trying to get more sleep, and organizing is something I always try to accomplish during the winter months....more time inside! The Nagging task, I did! I had a stack of Golf letters that needed to go to colleges for Chase, I put it off for the past 3 months! So much work and time to getting it all together, scores, report cards, letter from HS coach, it just seemed overwhelming....but it is done and it feels soooo good! Act more energetic....hum....there maybe something to that, I am going to give it a shot!
Now let me know what you are going to do in the days left in January (and you can go into February since we started late!) Now go accomplish some things to get your year off to a great start! Be Happy!