Saturday, February 5, 2011


Amanda, Julie, & Tammy all celebrating Birthdays!
Julie & Tammy
Natalie Robbins and Janie Anderson (Janie is Clayton Anderson's Mother!)
Julie & Shauna
Britta & Amy Oliver, Shauna, and Janine
Beth Smith, Fran Bond, Britta & Amy, 15 friends and family got together and celebrated our Birthdays at Red Lobster! After all of the horrible winter weather, it was so nice to get out! We then headed downtown Bloomington to the Blue Bird to see the Clayton Anderson Band! Of all times, the day before, I had a major Kidney Stone Attack! Several of my 35 stones decided to move around! Luckily, I had some pretty good drugs that eased the pain, and I went on my fun "Girls Night Out!"
Tammy, Amanda, Terri, & Debbie
Wild Women waiting for Clayton to start!
Clayton came out and began playing around 11:00 pm! For us "not so young" women....that is pretty late! But we made it! We closed the place down! What a fun night! Tons of Teachers from Bedford came up for the show, Clayton's Mom, Janie, works at the High School! Everyone knows and loves Janie! Even our principal at BMS came! And of course, when we left around 2:30 was snowing! AGAIN! Supposed to snow until Tuesday! At least we had our fun night out!