Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa Claus Came to Town!

Levi and Josiah
Telling Santa what they want......

Corie, Jacey and Cutler

Cutler loved Santa! Maybe he recognized the voice!

Trying to open the gift!

My Cousin Adam's son Isaiah

Chase and Macy

Levi is trying to see the sleigh and reindeer as Santa left!

Levi and Josiah loved Hef!

Family Christmas tonight! The kids had so much fun! Matt always plays Santa....and does a great job. Although this year he should have had a hair stylist....his hair was everywhere! I am cracking up looking at the pictures! Cutler loved Santa...wasn't afraid at all, but that will probably come next year! Josiah and Levi were trying to talk their way out of being bad this year....Santa assured them that they would get gifts if they tried their hardest this week to be good! We even had a little snow for the evening....but we are still waiting on the big one! Still a dark cloud looming this year with Janelle's divorce in progress and then Penny still on the ventilator. Oh to be a child and only have the joys of Santa to think about on Christmas, as adults, Christmas can be a tough time. But we have to remember the REASON FOR THE SEASON...and hold on to the joy of Christ Jesus.