Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After.....

Finally got some cookies baked, with Penny in the hospital there hasn't been much time for the extras this Christmas kids love the chocolate crinkle cookies!! yum yum
and chex mix for Matt!

Some half price shopping at Target! I love my new ornaments!

Macy with her Tiffany earrings that Chase got her and her new Victoria Secret Scarf. I got her a cupcake Juicy charm for her charm bracelet.

Macy, Chase, Hef and Ruby in there new coats!
I always enjoy the day after Christmas almost as much as Christmas Day! It is a relief to get it all over! I had some time to bake today, hasn't been much time to do all of that fun stuff this Christmas! Shauna, Macy, Chase and I went to the mall and Target to do some half price Christmas shopping! Chase had given Macy her gift Christmas Eve and we were in Indianapolis with Dad, so I finally got to take a picture of her with her earrings! Macy got Chase some new Jordan basketball shoes. Everyone had a good Christmas....Santa is always good!