Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Luke and Darcie

Linda Green was Penny's best Friend and Joan, Penny's Mom

Our Daddy!

Luke and Matt

Chance was our entertainment for the evening!

Kenny and Bev

Kenny and Dad

Linda Green brought me some Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Body Wash!

We had a fun New Years Day together! Dad, Joan, Linda and Dick Green, Darcie and Luke, Kenny and Bev, Jacque and Mom came and we had soups, sandwiches and desserts! We enjoyed being together and laughing. It has been a tough holiday for all of us, so it was good to be together. We will always miss having Penny with us, and things will never be the same. Happy New Year!!!

The End of a Decade

Julie and Shauna trying their luck at the slots!

The Dalton's and The Wagner's at the French Lick Hotel

Ken and Shauna

Just a little entertainment!

Chase and Macy

New Year's Eve 2009....we spent the evening at French Lick with the Dalton's. We first had dinner at the French Lick Golf Course at Haegan's Resaurtant, then headed to the casino! Didn't have much luck! We were home early, Sable had a party at Shauna's so we had to beat the 8th graders there at 9:00 pm!!

A Celebration of Life

We had a wonderful "Celebration of Life" service for Penny. Our wonderful friends and family have been so supportive....what would we do without them? Thank you so much for all of the prayers, love and concern. You ALL mean more to us than words can say! Penny will be missed by her friends and family. Please continue to pray for Darcie, my Dad and Joan (Penny's Mom).