Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Chase, Macy, Kali, Cutler, Zoe, and Cooper....
Chase and his "hole in one" plaque! We need to add the golf ball in there!

Chase and Macy

Tobey and Chase...Tobey is one of our youth leaders at Church...Dad to Cooper and Zoe!

Chase with Papaw Don and Mamaw Patsy

Chase with Pat Bolton and Mamaw Margie

Chase and Cutler
It seems like we have been celebrating this kid's 16th birthday forever! We went to Alabama for his golf trip....and now the birthday is finally here. He got new wedges...of course he got those a couple of months ago! And a new driver....a couple of months ago! That is how Chase always works....then he keeps you buying right up until his birthday! He knows how to work the system!!!! And of course we will be shopping for a car in the next couple of weeks! SCARY! We had fun little family party....also a few friends stopped in. I still can't believe that my baby is 16! Time goes by so quickly!

HAIL.....bigger than golf balls!

It stormed last night about 4:oo am ....and with that storm was bigger than golf ball size hail! Chase and I jumped up and looked out...it was the weirdest sound on the roof I have ever heard! We have to have our roof replaced and Matt's truck has to be fixed!