Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Happiness Project

A word from the NON READING LIBRARIAN! I first saw Gretchen Rubin, Author of the Happiness Project, on the Today show. She seemed so happy and full of life. I recall the story that she told of having to ride the city bus everyday with her young child, she said it got so old and boring....and one day it hit her when the little girl said..."Mommy look at that those kids playing in the snow" She then realized, this is my child's life, her memories of her childhood and I need to make the most of each moment! That hit me hard, how many things to we hurry through everyday just to get it over with, and with my kids almost grown and on their own....I wish I had slowed down and enjoyed more! Anyway, she spent a year trying to sing in the morning, clean closets, fight right, read Aristotle, and generally have more fun, and now she has written the book! I am really excited to read it! I got mine yesterday! I thought you all might like to join me and we could read along together and do some blogging about our thoughts on each chapter??? Any thoughts? Google the book and see what you think! Don't we all need a little more happiness in our lives??? Have a Happy Day!