Monday, March 30, 2009

Here is my new (3rd) cousin Cutler! He is growing so much! We are excited to have a new baby in the family! Levi...just may try to shoot us with his new bow and arrow! My Aunt Jacque had us all out for dinner Saturday evening!
Here are my precious cousins...Levi, Novalee, and Josiah....standing with their new toys that Chase and I brought back from the GoldField Ghost Town in AZ. The boys got bow and arrows...and Novalee got a beautiful pink beaded Indian necklace! Of course the bows won't last long with those two Indians!!!!
Chase and I planned our Spring Break trip to Phoenix, AZ. to see my cousin Jamie and her family. We were so excited making our plans! Chase couldn't wait to get out there and play some "warm" tired of the Indiana cold weather! We left Sunday, March 22, in the evening...arriving around 7:45 pm in Phoenix....greeted by Jamie jumping up and down!!!! We spent the week there and experienced lots of fun adventures with Jamie as the tour guide! She should do this for a living! It was great to spend time with Jamie, Chuck, Corie, Will and their precious baby girl Camdyn! This was the first time that we have met little Camdyn and she stole our hearts!!! Matt and Chance did not get to come along...Matt was traveling for work in Nevada and Chance had Spring Break the week before...sorry about your luck guys! We stayed until Thursday, March 26th, flew out that evening around 6:00 pm. I said that the wind blew us in to Phoenix and then blew us back out!!!! But we had a wonderful trip! Thank you Jamie and family for all of the fun! You will never know how much I love you!!!!!!
We are here!!!! Arriving in Phoenix after a long...bumpy...windy plane ride! I was glad to see the ground! But even more....I was glad to see Jamie!!!! She brought me a bunny to the airport and I had one for her! (actually for Camdyn....) She swears we are seperated twins!
This was Chase's first time to golf on a desert golf course! I think Jamie had him scared of rattlesnakes and scorpians!

Here we are in Scottdale at Sprinkles Cupcakes! We had such a fun day of more eating!!!! I think I gained 5 lb while I was there! But it was worth it!
We are heading to the desert! Jamie wanted to take us to Santan Flats for dinner. Of course about a mile into it...we realized we were going to freeze! And by the time we ate dinner and headed was brutal! Jamie always seems to get us in these messes! That is why I love her so much!!!! Needless to say...Chase whimped out on us and rode back with Chuck, Corie and Camdyn in the nice warm car! Sissy!!!

This is my cousin Jamie's beautiful home in Gilbert, AZ.
This is the beautiful Seville Country Club! My Cousin Jamie and her husband Chuck live in this golf community! It is beautiful! After Chuck, Will, & Chase had a day on the golf course...we had lunch here at the country club! Jamie's daughter Corie and her husband Will and of course their beautiful daughter Camdyn also live here.
I am truly a greek godess in my gladiator sandals!
Our day at Tortilla Flatts and Canyon Lake was so fun! Chase tried to pretend that he didn't like it....but he really did! The scenery was breathtaking!