Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Belated 5th Birthday Levi and Josiah

The Puppy Cake!

Mammy, Levi, Josiah, Novalee, Mamaw Jacque

Jenni and Novalee...look what we made out of silly string!

Me and the three stinkers!

Catching lightning bugs!
5th Birthday....we finally got to celebrate Levi and Josiah's 5th Birthday! We cooked hamburgers, brats, and BBQ chicken on the grill. Then I made homemade ice-cream! YUMMY! I hadn't had homemade ice-cream since my Grandpa died in 1988! He was always the ice-cream maker! We had fun with the kids outside shooting their silly string and then at dark they hunted lightning bugs! We had such a nice visit with them! They will be back in 2 weeks and it will be Novalee's 7th Birthday!