Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brush with Fame Game....Randy Owen

First time I met breakfast in Evansville, IN 1996
Indiana State Fair

Louisville, KY

Myrtle Beach, SC My 1OOth concert

Louisville, KY

Freedom Hall...Louisville, KY 150th concert

Randy getting ready to sing to me on stage!

Randy singing "When We Make Love" one of the best nights of my life!!!!
I'm on the JUMBO TRON!
Randy Owen.....from the group a solo artist after the supergroup...retired! Girls....face it..."you aint got nothing on me on this game!" This is my thing! I have loved Randy Owen since 1982....followed the group since 1986....and have had soooo much fun! I saw Randy again just this past June at his farm in Ft. Payne, AL. These are just a very few of the many pics that I have of Randy! We have had so much fun over the years....going to concerts...making weekend shopping and girls weekend out trips! The country music group is the top selling country music band ever....and record sells just behind ELVIS and the BEATLES! Not only is Randy very talented, but is truly a wonderful person and has a wonderful family! I got to meet Randy for the very first time in Feb. of 1996, in Evansville, IN. We were staying at the Holiday Inn....we had gone to a show in Evansville at Roberts Stadium...and guess who their warm up act was...KENNY CHESNEY...first time out on the road! The next morning we got up to have breakfast at the hotel...and in walks Randy! Well...I almost fainted....and he was so nice and posed for tons of pics with us! I will never forget that day...needless to say...I don't think he ever forgot could he?????