Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Car for Chance!

Sunday afternoon I drove to Indy to deliver Chance his new ( new to him) car! Dad and I had talked last week that Chance needed something different. He has driven the jeep since his sophomore year. And during High School he had 3 I don't even have to talk about how high is insurance is! But because of that, he has been stuck in the jeep! It now has over 200,000 miles on it and he is having alot of problems with it. Since he is living in Indy, he really needed something more dependable. So Dad and I talked last Monday when we had to go rescue him....that Penny's car would be a good dependable car for him! He loves is luxury to him! It will get great gas mileage! They are standing next to his jeep and Penny's car is parked next to it. The Subway is where Chance is working in Broad Ripple. It was a good answer for everyone, Chance needed it and Dad doesn't drive it at all, which isn't good for it. So it solved everyone's problems! Well not all problems, but one for each of us! haha

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day filled with loved ones! After church we all went to Janine's for a cookout! It was a beautiful day! Neither of my boys were there...Chance had to work all day and Chase had an opportunity to play at the French Lick Golf Course. I told him to go ahead since Chance couldn't be there and we would all go out to eat (my choice) the next weekend Chance is home! Little Cutler always makes the day fun! Mother's Day is always bittersweet for me. I think of all of the years that I have missed out on having my Mom with me. But I have the best Grandma anyone could ask for! And then this year Penny is gone, so as loved ones pass away, the day can be a little tough....but being a Mother is still the best job I have ever had!

Congrats to Jade!

Janet, Jade, & Julie
Jade and her party!

Clayton and Julie

Clayton always sings an Alabama song for me during his show...and he didn't Saturday when he saw me afterwards he said "I feel so bad, come back here and we will sing one together!" So we all went backstage and we were jamming in the back room! He and his parents are such wonderful people!

Friday night we had a little party at the Bluebird in Bloomington for Jade! Jade graduated Saturday from Ball State in Muncie, IN. She leaves in August for Fl where she will attend the University of Florida for Graduate School! We are so proud of her! Out of everyone I know, Jade has overcome more adversities than anyone I know. She and her brother had the motorcycle accident when she was in the 8th grade and he was killed. Jade has always felt somewhat responsible for that. Six months after the accident her parents divorced. It was so tough on Jade through High School. But she bounced back, headed off to Ball State, traveled abroad for 3 months at a time, and has now graduated! She is such a beautiful independent young lady! Her mother and I have beat it in her head that she doesn't need a man! Get out there and go for it...and she has! She is off to the University of Florida! We all went to the Bluebird to watch the Clayton Anderson Band. Clayton is a dear friend of ours, he and his parents go to our church. His mother Janie and I work together and Janie and Janet were best friends in High School! Clayton is just on the verge of hitting it big! He won the Nationwide Country music contest and opened for Kenny Chesney one whole summer. He now lives in Nashville and plays all across the United States. He is just hoping for the one big break, and I think he will get it! We had a wonderful time singing and dancing the night away!


Shauna and Julie the photographers for the day!
Mr. Schlegal our principal

Kelly Storms ( John's wife) our assistant principal

Shauna and Anna

Every year BMS participates in their very own 5 K run! Some students run and some walk! It is always a fun day and we had beautiful weather this past Friday for it!