Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 Jr World Qualifier

Julie & Macy
Macy hates this picture....she thinks she looks like a boy! She said..."I look like Chase's brother!"

Chase giving Macy a putting lesson!

A Drive!

Shauna and Julie enjoying the sunshine!!!!
What a weekend! Luckily, Friday was a half day of school for us....we left town around noon...then headed to Decatur, IL for the Jr World Qualifier. Friday was an absolute beautiful day! Shauna and Macy Dalton went with us. We arrived around 4 pm...and Chase and Macy played a practice round at Red Tail Run. That is the day all of the pics were taken...since Saturday and Sunday were rain...rain...rain! Sunday more so than Saturday! Saturday started off good for Chase...but he struggled after the 4th hole with his putting...he ended up shooting an 80. Sunday he started out playing in the pouring rain....and it poured all day! However, Chase was on fire! He was 3 under through hole 7! By hole 13 he had bogied 2 holes...but was still at 1 under...and they cancelled the tournament due to wet conditions!!!! WHAT???? He was playing awesome! We were assuming some of those in the lead started out with some double bogies and their Physco parents were complaining!!!!!! So his second day didn't count! Oh well...we were so proud of him and the comeback he was a Tiger Woods day for sure! And most of all we had such a fun weekend! We ate at Texas Road House....Buffallo Wild Wings....and a great little pizza place in Decatur!!!! Eating is 80% of the fun you have on a road trip!!! haha