Friday, December 25, 2009

Our End to Christmas!

Grandma Patsy with her snowman birdfeeder!

Exhausted from Christmas!

Had a wonderful Christmas considering the circumstances....but soooo glad it is over! Finished up Christmas night fixing dinner for Grandma Patsy and Papaw Don. My the end of the night I was ready to fall over and so were the kids and puppy!!!

Christmas Morning

The kids still wanted to wait until Christmas morning to open gifts....they still get excited!

Christmas Eve

Lunch at Texas Roadhouse....Darcie, Luke, Dad and my family had lunch at Texas Roadhouse. Even though our Christmas isn't the best this was nice to be together!
Darcie and I at the hospital

Jobeth, Chance's Girlfriend, decorating some cookies

Jennifer and Novalee


Janelle, Jamon and Dason....tough Christmas this year for them....

More guns!

Cutler is walking everywhere at 9 months!

Mammy and Cutler

Josiah and Levi can read!!!! It is amazing! They are reading the Sweet Smell of Christmas, that was my favorite book when I was little, I bought it for my boys, and bought a new one for the twins this is a scratch and the smell wears out after a while!

Uncle Bill....our second Christmas without him....he is always missed!

Playing some Boggle!

Very Intense!

Singing Some Carols

Chance and Sable entertained Shauna and I on December 23rd while we wrapped some presents! They are awesome!