Friday, February 12, 2010

45 years and still counting!

Julie and Darcie....


Darcie and Casey


Jacey bought Me a shot...I was terrified!

My birthday bash!

What a fun night we had at Red Lobster....Jacey and Janine brought me a whole birthday package complete with a tiara, package of huge rings, and a happy birthday wine glass! We arrived around 7:20 and didn't leave until 11:00! We laughed and talked....had a few drinks! I had one of the best birthdays ever! Darcie brought her friend Casey along so she didn't have to drive alone, poor Casey...she wasn't sure what to think of us crazy girls!

Celebrating my Birthday at School!

My wonderful friend Shauna baked me a delicious carrot cake for my birthday and bought me these cute pjs for Spring Break! We are so ready for spring break after all of this snow! Friends and family make birthdays so special!