Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hunter is Home!

Matt finally gets to hold Hunter!
Chase meets Hunter

Cutler thinks Chase is the "coolest" guy in the world!

Great Grandma Jacque

Hunter came home from the hospital Today! They were all glad to get home! Janine and I fixed dinner for us all and helped out Jacey a bit. But, I am saying a little prayer for Jacey that her first night goes smoothly...2 baby boys will normally equal WILD!

Hunter is Coming Home Today!

It will be exciting to see how Cutler feels when they actually put this new little guy in the car with them and head home! I think he still feels like Hunter lives at the hospital and has no idea he will be living with him! In time, Cutler will be a great big brother to Hunter....we will just see how the journey goes until then!!!! An exciting day for all of us! We welcome Hunter into our lives!

More Visits with Hunter!

This took a little Bribery....but we got Cutler to sit with DaDa and Hunter!
Ok...we are getting a "thumbs up" there is hope!

Proud DaDa (Grandpa Loren)

Mamaw Margie's 2nd Great Great Grandbaby!

Nurse Julie helping out!
It is true that your heart grows larger with every addition to your family! This precious baby has already stolen my heart! Can't wait to get him home, Cutler and I will have many things to teach him!