Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Planes....Ships....and Automobiles....vacation!

We left Indianapolis at 8:00 am on Sunday morning on Southwest! (eeeks...glad the roof didn't blow off!)
We almost missed our flight....not late, just long lines at Baggage check-in and security! We were running to our gate...just like the movies! Last on board...so we were all sitting alone! Chase had some admirers on board and the girls passed notes back and forth to him through the whole flight! The flight attendant would pass the notes to him....she was cracking up....only an hour into the trip and I knew I was in trouble!
Missy found the Pace's from Bedford heading to Sarasota for Spring Break, so she sat with them!
I sat beside some Honeymooners that didn't want to chit chat! :(
Arriving in beautiful sunny warm Tampa! At the Bahama Breeze Restaurant next to our hotel! Missy works with me at BMS and I was thrilled she went along with me to help control the 3 teenage boys! She is so much fun and we had a blast!
Chase's friends, Steven and Tanner! We called Tanner Beibs all week, he looks like Justin Beiber! We had dinner in Tampa and then off bright and Early Monday morning to board the Carnival Inspiration!

Fun on the Sea!

One of our favorite parts of the trip...EATING!
Our Prom Pic as Missy calls it! haha
Our favorite dessert...Chocolate Melting Cake~!!!!! Lobster!
I had to laugh when I saw this picture...this was the night that a Gay Guy from K-State hit on Chase! Looking back it is so funny, but that night, I was a little ticked! The guy followed him all over the ship and was saying things to him....well, I had a few Choice words to say to the Gay Guy and he didn't come around anymore! Luckily I wasn't removed from the ship! haha
A beautiful sunset!
The boys and their new college girlfriends!
Breakfast overlooking the Gulf!
Chase and the ladies.....this kid kept me hoppin...trying to keep up with him on the ship!
Our first dinner on the ship!

Cayman Islands

Our first stop was The Cayman Islands! We snorkeled and got to swim with the stingrays!
We are off on our snorkeling adventure!
The salt water tasted nasty! haha

This was one of the most amazing fun things I have ever did! We all enjoyed the stingrays!

7 years good luck if you kiss a stingray!

Cozumel, Mexico!

Our second stop on our Cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. We had such a fun day, the weather was perfect! We took a taxi to Paradise Beach Club and spent the day laying around the beautiful pool and had some fun beach time! We took in a few of the local sights and also visited Margaritaville. When we boarded the ship, we had our fun midnight Mexican buffet and fiesta! What a fun night!

We were so excited to get our Mexican margarita....I am the biggest light weight in the world when it comes to drinking...so everyone warned me...becareful, one margarita will knock you off your butt in Mexico...we are pretty sure they gave us virgin margaritas!!!!!!! Disappointing!

No Mexico visit is complete without a Sombrero!
We got off of the ship on Saturday morning and Rented a car....That is where the Automobile came in to play! We flew down for a great rate...then airfare back was CRAZY high! We stopped in Atlanta to visit and spend the night with Gary and Pat Bolton. Gary is my 2nd cousin on my Mom's side and I worked with Gary and Pat in the School System for several years. They have since retired to Atlanta where their son is an executive at Chick Fil a... Pat has been like a second Mother to me, she would do Anything in the world for me! We went to dinner with their family...it was the perfect end to a perfect vacation!

Cutler is 2!!!!

Our Sweet little baby boy is 2! And he is starting to seem so grown up! He has such a funny personality....always laughing and making us laugh. This little guy has brought all of us so much joy and happiness! He loved his CARS cake! The lightning Mcqueen on top was a huge Rice Crispy Treat! The cake was adorable!!!