Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Precious Teacher

We celebrated the retirement of a dear teacher in our school system. Mrs. Jackie Robbins is a 5th grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School, where myself and my two boys attended. Jackie was not teaching when I was at Lincoln and made a point to tell that, but she did have both of my boys. And to this day they are both quick to say Jackie was their favorite teacher ever! She is blessed with a gift that we hope all teachers are blessed with, but she is blessed with just a little extra! Chance would always tell me that she could go on a trip and come back to tell the class about it and you felt like you had been on the trip with her! So much life and enthusiasm in everything she does! I was lucky enough to have worked with Jackie for 3 years while I worked at Lincoln. Always laughing and smiling! It is a sad day to lose such a teacher in our school system....But we hope she enjoys her retirement and her 5 Grandchildren!