Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chance is 21.....NO WAY!!!!

Chance wanted a Fiddle for His Birthday! He is adding to his list of instruments that he plays!!!!
Chance, Chase, & Cutler....at the moment Matt was trying to calm Hunter down!!!! Jacey was home sick, so we had the boys!
We all went to Texas Roadhouse on Saturday night to Celebrate Chance's 21st Birthday!!!!! He is holding his Cubs tickets in the pic!!! Sunday, We had Cutler and Hunter so we had cake and Ice-cream to celebrate! I was doing my best to get through the celebration...was having a massive Kidney Stone attack and ended up in the ER all night Sunday entertaining my ever popular 35 Kidney Stones! Possibly down to 34!!! I didn't tell anyone until Chance left to go back to Indianapolis and Corey picked up the kids...then I said get me to the Hospital NOW! Not much they could do other than massive pain meds, which was fine with me! Feeling better, so Chase and I drove to Indianapolis today, MARCH 8th....to eat dinner with Chance! He wanted to eat at Chipotle for his Birthday...always his favorite place! Picked up Chase's Golf Clubs at Golfsmith and headed home!!!! Now to just get through my Spring Break Cruise with No Kidney Stone problems!!!!

"Let Your Cup Runneth Over and Don't Sweat the Spill"

1st place team at the Ladies Retreat!
We gave it all we had!
Jessica....my Zumba instructor!
Dana did an awesome drawing while Julia did our devotions for the evening!

This past Friday night we had our MPCC Ladies Retreat at Hidden Valley Camp. We had such a fun evening together! Our weekend was devoted to spending more time in our prayer life....which is something I need to devote more time to! The speakers were awesome and we had so much fun! Great to get away for the weekend to refuel yourself and ready to take on the world again! We have such a wonderful group of ladies, fun and full of energy!