Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday Darcie!

Julie and Darcie
Pam and Darcie

Linda and Darcie

Darcie with her Chicago Collage

We celebrated Darcie's 24th Birthday at the could have been a happier Birthday, but we did our best to make the day good for her. Just praying that things will turn around and we will celebrate her birthday again at home with her Mom !

Homecoming Dance

Homecoming Dance....saturday evening was Chase's Sophomore Homecoming Dance. Needless to say with so much going on, it wasn't perfect. First of all, I had been at the hospital most of the week and forgot to order flowers....then Macy's golf team made it to Regionals. They started playing at noon on Saturday at Foxcliff in Martinsville. She didn't get finished until 5:40 and had pictures scheduled for 7:15. We picked the kids up at the golf course and took them to Dad's to shower and get cleaned that time it was pouring the rain! Followed the kids to Bloomington for that time it was 9:30 and the dance ended at 11:00! So they ran through McDonald's drive-thru and headed south to Bedford....stayed at the dance about 45 minutes and headed home! There is always next year and we told is more important!