Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brush with Fame Game-Kenny Chesney

This was the 2nd time I met Kenny Chesney, this was taken at the Gibson County Fair July of 1996. The very First time I met Kenny was in Evansville, IN in February of 1996, he was opening for Alabama. The first time I saw him I said " This guy will never make it!" as you know...I don't know much! I didn't even bother to have my picture taken with him that first time! So dumb!
This was in 1997 in Louisville, Ky on Kenny's Tour bus....we had so much fun that evening, he was new enough to the business that he was still fun and enjoying the fame! Randy of Alabama was on the bus too and we had pizzas ordered in! Those crazy Alabama much fun and so many memories!

September 19th 2009....hard to believe that dweeby guy made it soooo big! Sold the show out to 50 thousand plus! Such a fun show and fun night! Shauna, Chase, Macy, Sable and Chloe Evans and I went to Lucas Oil Stadium to see Kenny....I have seen Kenny about 10 times now and it is one of the best shows out fun fun!