Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catching up on Birthdays of 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!
Silly sisters!

Happy 25th Birthday Darcie!
Skipped past Summer and Fall with my blogging...slowly catching life up!


Cutler and Mommy Before the baby arrives.....
Mamaw Jacque and Janine

Julie & Jacey

Daddy cutting the cord

Hunter Dale 7 lb 9 oz 2o inches

Cutler is thinking....WHAT THE HECK....!!!!!


The Chastains!

Mamaw Neen!

What an exciting wonderful day! Jacey called around 7 am and said It was time to go to the hospital! I quickly dried my hair and ran to town to scoop Cutler up! I arrived at the hospital around 9:00 and she was dialated to a 6.....within 2 hours she was at a 8 so we knew it would be soon. Hunter was born about 12:50. Can't thank Jacey enough for letting me be with her during the birth! It was amazing! Cutler was born with lots of blonde hair....Hunter has lots of dark hair! We will see how little Cutler accepts this new little brother. He kind of looks at him like....I really don't need you to mess my life up! Just so thankful that Hunter is here and Mommy and baby are doing great! Such a fun, stressful, emotional day! Went to bed last night feeling exhausted and drained, but very thankful!