Sunday, February 7, 2010


SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.... we started out by picking Papaw Jerry and Darcie up and then we headed to Greenwood to Guitar Center to buy Chance a new Classical Guitar. Chance has his audition for the school of Music in March and he has to audition with a Classical Guitar.
Darcie is all excited for the big game and is sporting her Manning jersey! She is just wishing that
someone would teach her to play the piano!

Who is making the goofier face here....Chance or Darcie? After Guitar Center, we headed to Logan's Roadhouse for lunch! It was fun to see all of the Colt's Fans in their Jersey's! They were everywhere! We went to Wal-Mart to get Chance a few groceries for the week and there were Colts jerseys there too....I wanted to take pictures, but Darcie said they would leave me at the store if I got the camera out! So I didn't! My Colt's shirt was dirty from school Friday!

Lucas Oil Stadium

It is now halftime of the Super Bowl as I type this, and anyone's ballgame! We are hoping for a win for the Colt's! Win or lose, we had a fun day!