Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Weekend in Indiana!

Matt and I on Sunday at Otter Creek Golf Club in Columbus, IN....Sunday was a much warmer day!
Julie and Macy watching Chase play.....and trying to stay warm!

Chase at the Halloween Super Store...trying to pick out a costume for the Halloween Dance!

Saturday night we drove from Columbus, IN to Louisville, KY for a THIRD DAY CONCERT. It is about an hour drive....we had so much fun! Third Day puts on such an awesome show! You truly feeling the spirit of God!

Macy and Matt on Saturday at Otter Creek. Saturday was soooo cold and windy....Macy and I shopped during the first nine holes, and then caught up with Chase on the back nine!

Chase teeing off....Chase ended up after the 2 day tournament in 2nd place! The boy that beat him is a senior and just signed to play golf at Indiana University. Chase had a great weekend and we are very proud of him!

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  1. HI!!!
    It is near 90 here today!!!!!
    I cannot believe it is that cold!!!!!Oh my, that coat of Macy's looks like Anarctica!!!!!!
    Oh my goodness that is cold weather for sure!!!!!
    Fun golfing in that cold weather???? Fingers go numb I bet!!!!