Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Macy, Jordan, & Sara making signs for the boys golf team....

Jordan, Shauna, and Macy hammering the signs along the road to Franklin

Mom putting a sign in the ground!

Chase and his proud Mom at the golf course before the team left for Franklin!

Golf team preparing to leave for State!

They are on their way!

Chase and Coach Wright ....Chase is hamming it up on the putting green!

Chase putting before teeing off at State

State Finals....well it could have gone better today at The Legends Course, in Franklin, IN....our boys got 12th and didn't make the cut to the 2nd day. But we are so proud of them! We had so much fun preparing for the big day! My Uncle Kenny cut golf balls out of wood and put the balls on tees. The girls golf team came over Sunday evening and we painted them and put the boys names on them. Then we took them up on Hwy 37 and put them along side of the road so the boys would see them on their way to Franklin Monday evening. Better Luck next year Chase...you will be back!


  1. HI!!!!
    Great story and I love the signs!!!
    I'm so happy Uncle Kenny could be a part of this, I know he is so proud of Chase as we all are!!! Hey think about how many teams didn't make it???? So just to be there is a BIG DEAL!!!!Way to go Bedford North Lawrence!!!!
    Chase you have 3 more years!!!!!
    Love ya,

  2. LOVE the signs! Thats just great that they even made it to state! So proud of them!:) Here's to an even better next year!:)